Green Advocates is improving life in West Africa

Our Vision

The Vision of Green Advocates is to contribute to the efforts for evolving a democracy that respects and promotes human rights and sustainable livelihood for vulnerable members of society through capacity building, research, awareness, lobby, advocacy and legal aid.

Our Mission

The Mission of Green Advocates is to promote community-based institutions and approaches through which individuals and groups can freely interact and effectively empower themselves to transform their economic, social and cultural structures.

Climate Change Reporting Project for the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference

The West African Journalists Association and the Mano River Union Civil Society Natural Resources Governance Platform have collaborated to document the human sufferings and impact of the Climate Change Crisis in West Africa and the Sahel.

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West African Human Rights Defender Conference

Human Rights Defenders, especially Frontline Grassroots Environmental, Land, and Human Rights Defenders in West Africa, face challenging and threatening situations that make the work they do very difficult. Given the enormous barriers and risks they face in their work, there is an urgent need to understand better who these Frontline Grassroots Defenders are, what strategies they use to keep themselves safe, and where the gaps are — to connect the unconnected and establish a support and response mechanism for frontline grassroots environmental, land, and human rights defenders across West Africa. 

A recent report co-authored by Alfred Lahai Brownell Sr., Tom & Andi Bernstein Visiting Human Rights Fellow at Yale Law School; Green Advocates International, a human rights organization in Liberia; and several other human rights organizations in West Africa seeks to fill those needs. The report is a comprehensive baseline assessment that compiles the experiences, knowledge, lessons learned, skills, expertise, and practices of Frontline Grassroots Defenders across the West African region.

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