Green Advocates International is currently implementing the project, “Supporting Customary Tenure Recognition in Nimba County,” under a subgrant from Tetra Tech for a USAID-funded project called Liberia Integrated Land and Resource Governance (ILRG).

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Previously in 2018-19, GAI implemented a USAID pilot project in collaboration with Resonance in Nimba County called, “Land Technology Solutions Project” to improve forests, land and resources governance and strengthen property rights for all members of the indigenous communities, especially women using USAID’s Mobile Application to Secure Tenure (MAST) technology.

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In 2010, Green Advocates worked with USAID/Tetra Tech/PRADD Property Rights and Resource Governance (PRRG) to Support the Liberian Kimberley Process Certification Scheme as it applies to the alluvial diamond sector, through the formalization of customary tenure claims; increasing community awareness of and compliance with the laws and regulations governing artisanal mining; and the strengthening of the government’s systems of internal controls of diamond production from mine to export.

Under the PRADD Liberia project, Green Advocates conducted a formal analysis of the existing laws, policies and regulations governing statutory property rights systems in mining and its interface with Liberian land, forestry, and water legislation in order to identify gaps and contradictions that either are causing or have the potential of creating points of friction with customary rights regimes in the artisanal mining sector

Other USAID projects include the following:

Legal Consultant, IRG/ USAID/Liberian Ministry of Lands, Mines and Energy

  • Executive Order establishing Liberia’s rural and renewable energy agency and a rural energy fund (2009)

Legal Consultant, Ministry of Lands, Mines and Energy/IRG/USAID

  • Co-author, Liberia’s Energy Law (2008)

Legal Consultant, OTI/USAID/Ministry of Agriculture

  • Research the legal framework of land ownership and concession rights for plantations in Liberia, with Guthrie Rubber Plantation as a case study (2007)

Legal Consultant, Liberian Forestry Initiative (LFI)

  • Reviewed chain of custody contract to ensure consistency with Liberian law. (2006)

Legal Consultant, Forestry Development Authority /Environmental Law Institute

  • Reviewed the existing forestry law and co-drafted new forestry laws and regulations for the Republic of Liberia integrating reforms, including progressive disclosure and transparency requirements, rights of local communities and detailed environmental management requirements. (2009)

Legal Consultant, Liberian Forestry Initiative (LFI)

  • Investigated and reviewed forestry concessions and contracts and provided policy guidance to the Government of Liberia regarding the cancellation and annulment of those contracts as well as the reform of the forestry sector in Liberia. (2005-2006)

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