The link between human rights and the environment is undeniable. This is a program strategy Green Advocates intends to pursue vigorously. The history of Liberia (and many African states) is replete with wanton rights violations associated with suppressing dissent or protest over the destruction of the environment and the exploitation of natural resources.

Green Advocates conducts human rights education environmental and awareness activities on the right to life, the right to a healthy environment, and the right to share the benefits of natural resources. The premise underlying this program is that “knowledge is power.” Only when people are aware of their rights are they in a position to exercise, defend, or protect these rights.

Through the Human Rights Advocacy/Protection program, Green Advocates will use Liberian and international laws, protocols and mechanism not only as instruments to change and re-direct the Liberia’s environmental policy towards more sustainable use of the environment, but to protect and advance the rights of all Liberians to a clean, healthy, sound, safe, and sustainable environment.

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